We have a range of different levels to ensure that students learn at the right pace and difficulty. We currently have 6 available levels from Starter all the way to Advanced.  The moment our student registers for our course, they will be asked to do a placement test so we can give them the right level for their class. We also have names for each of the classes in LCDU. At the moment our focus is on speaking and general conversation, but as the needs for other types of class arise we will try our best to see the possibility of opening that class.



Our challenge is to make the class as interactive and as communicative as possible.


For this, we thought that we would use a coursebook that answers that need - The highly acclaimed SpeakOut book from Longman (c) is our number one choice for coursebook since it enables students to speak up and interact with others.


Students at this level are assumed to have virtually no knowledge of English. Basic words and very simple grammar are taught in connection to the immediate everyday context. To help them get started, our students at higher level will tutor starter students so they get all the necceassy support and help they need.


Students at Elementary level knows some simple every day words and are working towards some acceptable fluency and intelligibility in speaking. Essential words are taught in context and chunks. Simple language functions such as ordering a menu in a restaurant or buying things in a shop are already given at this stage.


Pre-Intermediate students have already got some acceptable level of fluency and are working towards a better accuracy in speaking. Extensive reading is introduced at this stage to boost their vocabulary level and exposure to the grammar taught in the class. 


Intermediate students almost have no barriers in expressing ideas especially everyday contexts. Longer pieces of reading is introduced and students are tasked to bring forth their arguments and opinions in a more sophisticated way. For this reason, students at intermediate level might be ready to survive alone when they go abroad.


Upper Intermediate students are expected to have high level fluency with very few mistakes. They are able to express their opinions using more complex phrases and figurative language such as idioms. At LCDU, students of Upper-Intermediate will be introduced to a plethora of academic reading and writing and are thus expected to perform well in an IELTS test.


Students at this level have already blossomed and ready to engage in conversation in almost any difficult topics with extremely good use of language. They are also fully taught by a native speaker to ensure that they get only the right kind of natural sounding English expressions.