Take this golden opportunity where everyone can learn at LCDU wherever they are! This semester's special since you can meet friends all over Indonesia. That's the beauty of an online class, isn't it? So why wait, join our course!


LCDU is short for Language Course for Da'wah and Ummah which is located in Bandung, Indonesia. We are a non-profit organisation dedicated to serving the needs of our ummah in preparing one of the global demands of 21st Century skills - that is English communication skill.

Teacher Training Program

At LCDU, we always ensure that students get the best possible environment for language learning from our informed instructors. Our continuous teacher development program always keeps teacher up to date with the latest trend in teaching methodology, so our students only get the best kind of learning experience in our class. You can also learn together and join our monthly training schedules.



Boost your vocabulary  with our Extensive reading program. Our collection ensures enjoyable reading experience because the books have been graded according to students' level.


Track your progress and get continuous feedback on how you can improve your English from our LMS.


We learn by doing. That's the motto in every lesson we have. By having only English environment, we learn the language by using it in a communicative everyday context.


Make it last! Our online workbook ensures that you get the best written practice outside the class so that you learn English at a much faster rate.

Other Key Features


Life Skill

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Focus on Speaking

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Go International

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ICT Ready

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Our Current Academic Calendar

15th Jan

Trial Class

21st  Jan

Class Starts

14th April

Final Test

30th April

Closing Ceremony

Join Us! 

Starting this semester, we are now expanding our language class into Arabic Language Course as well. With fluency in both Arabic and English you could be the world ambassador and you can make a difference!

Are you an LCDU teacher?


LCDU is one of the most expensive experience that I can get in my life. They can make me love something that I used to hate before, That is English. With fun learning method, and real simulation in a daily life, it really makes me easy to learn something hard like grammar. I just can't believe how much I've improved in such a short time.


LCDU has  good mentors and a good management. And at LCDU, I learn not only English as knowledge but also English as a tool for dakwah in Islam.


Subconsciously, my English is getting better every day. the teacher is also fun, especially every six months we have a study tour and movie class. More importantly, LCDU is an English course whose plans, vision and mission are very clear, that is to struggle in God's way, so we do not waste time. Nothing compares to the LCDU class!


Time feels so fast because I am having fun! I cant believe that I have been one year joining LCDU with its fun class that is equipped with modern technology.


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